Success Stories

Here are some wonderful success stories aka ‘testimonials’ from my truly magical clients who did amazing work and transformation in our time together.  I feel so blessed to have worked with each of them!

Tabby Biddle on her VIP Coaching Experience.

Lyena Strelkoff on her VIP Experience.

Ruth McCants on her VIP Experience

“I am perfectly me just the way I am, and it is perfectly okay to show up on camera as me.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.07.24 PM Working through and integrating the experience of doing video, and learning how this all needs to come together is a sizable task.  The biggest aspect of my time with you was and continues to be actually feeling the ease of being in front of the camera.  Only now five or six months later am I starting to feel comfortable in my body as I think about doing videos.

Working with your guidance, I learned how to give myself a safe space and feeling.  It seems to be, as best as I can describe, a feeling of “I am perfectly me just the way I am, and it is perfectly okay to show up on camera as me.”

Warmest Regards, Ruth


M Ruth McCants,  Piano Teacher and Creativity Coach

Kayoko Omori on her VIP Experience.

“What an incredible experience stepping into more video confidence!”

Lucinda Kinch“Michelle was an amazing Video Visibility Mentor when shooting my 5-part video activation series about Prosperity Branding. Wow! What an initiation into making multiple videos at once, and she stood beside me the whole time bringing in the encouragement, helping me get into my body and circulate my energy, and keeping my thoughts organized and positive so I could complete them…because when I began, I wasn’t feeling terribly excited to show up for-the-world and talk my talk. But what an incredible experience stepping into more video confidence for online. I know my Prosperity Brand will grow from making these movies, and I’m so blessed to have her help in getting them done! Thank you so much, Michelle!”

Lucinda Kinch, Prosperity Branding Mentor & Intuitive Website Designer

“A Video Coach could be the best thing you could ever invest in for your business!”

Sandy Dow“One thing I have learned about the entrepreneurial world is that at some point whether you like it or not, it is going to involve being on video! The other thing I learned the hard way is that there is a lot to know about the video world to make it work well for you, and that is where a video coach could be the best thing you could ever invest in for your business!

I went to Michelle when I found myself frustrated and unhappy with the results I was getting from doing it all myself. She steered me in the right direction with tips on how to stay in my body, the best lighting and backdrops, how to manage when to put my videos out, and even helped with script writing!

I can’t imagine where I would be without Michelle’s guidance, expertise and talents at editing! Don’t struggle with your videos any more, put yourself in the hands of the expert and call Michelle!”

Sandy Dow, The “Stress to Success Sensai,”

“I love being more visible!!!”

Leslie HadleyMichelle is a great coach! I loved the movement piece, that helped get me out of my head (and fear) and into my heart. Talk about combining her gifts! After working with Michelle, I can also now edit my videos. Huge accomplishment! Thanks Michelle for your knowledge and patience!! I love being even more visible!!!

Leslie Hadley, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Business Coach,

“My videos are up-leveled in a whole new way!”

Heather JerniganMichelle TOTALLY helped me get over some fear I had around video editing. Before I worked with her, I would do 10-20 takes of a video, so that I could get the WHOLE THING done in one shot because I didn’t know how to edit! Michelle helped me to learn how to splice takes together, to add music, to add titles, and more. Now I feel like my videos are up-leveled in a whole new way! Thanks Michelle!

Heather Jernigan,