Before I became a Visibility Mentor I was a Somatic Movement Coach and helped women unwind old outmoded patterning in their bodies that was holding them back from fully expressing themselves in their relationships, business, leadership and creative expression. Before that I worked in the film industry as a filmmaker, and editor for 20+ years.

I have taught 100s of conscious entrepreneurs how to shake off their visibility shackles and use video to attract clients to create sustainable successful businesses.

When I first started my Visibility Mentoring business I struggled to get enough clients to survive. I knew how to MAKE videos, but I didn’t know how to BE on video and be SEEN.

It was so demoralizing that I she finally discovered an embodied, heart-connected method to be on video that increased the effectiveness of video and magnetized committed clients, I felt called to share this discovery with as many conscious entrepreneurs as she could.

In her second year of business, she harnessed the power of video and attracted 250 conscious entrepreneurs to her online group program and taught them how to dive in and make authentic videos.

Many of her clients have successfully launched group programs by using video and have attracted new clients from all over the world.

Michelle also loves to give back. She mentors many spiritual teachers and writers for free, helping them spread their message to raise the frequency of the planet.