Tomas el video por sentado?

VIDEO SHMIDEO – ¿Tomas el video por sentado?

Yo también me siento así algunas veces. Uff!

Es tan fácil adormecer nuestra memoria al ver que el video está ¡por todas partes, ahora! ¿Correcto?

Bueno, entonces, siento que es mi deber recordarnos el poder que tenemos al alcance de nuestras manos. Timothy Leary – un líder de pensamiento de nuestros tiempos – habló, hace 30 años, de como es un acto revolucionario crear nuestro propio contenido para los medios de comunicación – en lugar de ingerir pasivamente películas y TV.

Hice un video de ello aquí (video en inglés)

Timothy Leary predijo que al rededor del siglo 21, tendríamos control de nuestras pantallas, en lugar de ser controlados por los medios y el gobierno. ¡Y él dio en el blanco! Las cámaras de video para uso recreativo llegaron. Y Youtube llegó a nuestras vidas hace aproximadamente 12 años, lo cual ayudó en mucho a poder difundir los videos hechos con esas video cámaras.

Yo comencé en la industria del filme hace aproximadamente ¡30 años! Entonces, solíamos grabar y editar (cortar) el filme físicamente. Trabajé con filmes de 16mm y 35mm y honestamente nunca pensé que pudiera hacer mis propios filmes porque procesar y desarrollar el filme además de tener el equipo para editar era ¡super costoso! Estaba tan fuera de mi alcance.

Pero ahora, con los teléfonos inteligentes, Youtube y Facebook, no son sólo los cineastas los que tienen acceso a esta industria del video. Emprendedoras/os y quien sea puede hacer sus videos y compartirlos con el mundo sus imágenes y mensaje – sí, todas/os podemos ser un/a cineasta.

Yo me involucré en el negocio del video, porque quería difundir imágenes de mujeres empoderadas. Yo sentía que no había suficiente de estas imágenes en los medios. Quería ver más mujeres hablando y compartiendo. Y eso está sucediendo más que nunca en estos momentos.
Toda clase de mujeres están utilizando el video – coaches, sanadoras, activistas, emprendedoras – para compartir sus mensajes.

La voz de cada mujer ¡es importante!. Mientras más mujeres veamos en video, más nos empoderamos las unas a las otras. Hacemos una nueva normalidad de ver y escuchar a las mujeres y lo que tienen que decir.

Compartirte en Facebook Live, es un acto revolucionario. Como Timothy Leary lo hubiera dicho. De esta forma no sólo estás viendo lo que otras personas están diciendo o haciendo, estás ¡CONTRIBUYENDO! ¡Tu voz importa! Más allá del tema en particular, que otras mujeres te escuchen compartir tu mensaje, ¡nos impacta a todas!

Así que te invito, a que te tomes un momento para reflexionar e integrar, el hecho de que tienes el poder al alcance de tu mano, cuando estés lista para tomarlo. Si quieres aprender cómo puedes comenzar con el video, o llevarlo al siguiente nivel de impacto. Escríbeme a:

¡Éxito en el control de tus pantallas!


Video Shmideo- Are you Taking Video for granted?

I feel this way too, sometimes!  Yikes!

It’s so easy to get numb and feel like Video is everywhere, now, so big deal!  Right?

Well, then, I feel it is my duty to remind us all about the power that we have at our finger tips!  Timothy Leary– a modern day thought leader – spoke 30 years ago, about how it’s a revolutionary act to make your own media– instead of passively ingesting movies and TV!!

I made a video about it here: 

He predicted that around the 21st century, we would have control of our ‘screens’ instead of being controlled by the media and the government!  And he was pretty spot on!! Home video cameras came along and then Youtube came a long about 12 years ago which really helped us spread these images.

I started in the film industry over 30 years ago!  And back then we actually shot and cut physical film!! I worked on 16 mm and 35 mm film and  I didn’t really think I’d ever get to make my own films because it was so expensive to process and develop the film and then have the editing equipment etc…  It was so far out of my reach!

But now with smartphones and Youtube and Facebook it’s not just ‘filmmakers’ who have access to making videos anymore- entrepreneurs and ANYONE can make their own videos and spread their own images and message- yes everyone can be a FILMMAKER!

I got into the biz because I wanted to help spread empowering images of women, because I didn’t feel like there were enough of these images in the media.  I wanted to see more women speaking and that is happening more than ever now. All kinds of women are using video– coaches, healers, activists, entrepreneurs– and women just sharing their lives!

Every woman’s voice is important! The more women we see on video, the more we empower each other!  We make it normal to see and listen to women and what they have to say.

Sharing yourself on Facebook Live is a revolutionary act as Timothy Leary would say.  Because you’re not just watching what other people are doing, you are contributing! Your voice matters! It doesn’t matter what you are talking about.  Seeing you talk impacts us all!!
So, I encourage you to take a moment to receive that you have the power at your finger tips, whenever you are ready to take advantage of it!  If you want to learn how you can get started with video or take it to your next level of impact- shoot me an email:

To controling your screens!


Susan Peirce Thompson Shares 7 ways Bright Line Eating Stops Bingeing + Yo Yo Dieting

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 8.16.46 PM1. What does, “The brain is blocking weight loss” mean?

Eating off the Standard American Diet causes changes in the brain that block weight loss. Specifically, maintaining an elevated insulin level blocks the brain from recognizing the critical hormone leptin. And it’s leptin that signals to the brain that we’re full. For years scientists thought overweight people might be missing it. But no, overweight people actually have more leptin in their bodies than slender people. It’s just that the elevated insulin in their bloodstream prevents the brain from recognizing its own leptin.

That means that excess insulin isn’t just putting them at risk for Type II Diabetes, it’s also keeping them feeling relentlessly hungry and tired. Until they get their baseline insulin levels down no diet will be stronger than their brain’s impulse to eat.

The second mechanism in the brain that blocks weight loss is overpowering cravings. These are caused by repeatedly eating more sugar than the brain can process. I’m talking about the frozen whipped coffee drink that’s a thousand calories, the doughnut breakfast and frozen yoghurt dinner. When the brain’s nucleus accumbens — its seat of pleasure, reward and motivation — is hit with that kind of excessive stimulation it protects itself by ‘down-regulating.’ How? It turns off some pleasure receptors so it won’t be bombarded as hard the next time. So then when you order the Coffee-Whippy-Coolio again it won’t give you the same satisfaction as the time before. But you will still just have hit your brain with the same amount of sugar. So it will respond by turning off even more receptors.

It only takes three weeks of daily average U.S. sugar consumption, 19.5 teaspoons, for this cycle to start. Where it leads is that scans show the brain of an obese person is more downregulated than a cocaine addict’s. And, just like an addict uses substances simply to feel normal, not high, people caught in this vicious cycle can’t really taste their food, or feel satiated, anymore.

But both these processes can be reversed by eating the right foods. I did it myself and have helped thousands of others do the same.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 8.20.39 PM

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson- Creator of Bright Lines Eating

2. How is it possible to make a diet work?

First, choosing a diet that takes into account the brain’s potential to block weight loss and emphasizes regular, healthy meals. Quick fixes like a regiment of juice fasts, shakes, protein bars or pre-made diet meals just won’t cut it because they’re not sustainable over time, and frequently they’re sweetened, perpetuating the underlying cognitive cycle.

It’s also key to understand how willpower works and to plan accordingly. Willpower isn’t a dimension of personality, or character. It’s simply a cognitive function available to us in limited doses: as little as 15 minutes of willpower at our disposal at any given time before it runs dry. And we draw down on that supply to focus at work or keep our patience with our kids.

It’s no surprise then that when there are temptations everywhere, we fall victim to the “Willpower Gap” and cave! But there are ways to expand willpower: planning ahead, eating regular meals, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and practicing an attitude of gratitude.

3. How does eating regular meals fill the willpower Gap and support weight loss?

When regular meals become part of the scaffolding of your life, it takes the burden off of willpower. A schedule of eating three meals a day at regular mealtimes—breakfast, lunch, and dinner —not only helps eating the right things become automatic, but also passing up the wrong things in between. I don’t have to try to not brush my teeth in the car, I just wouldn’t do it. Similarly, I don’t eat or drink high-calorie foods while driving. It’s off the table. I don’t eat at the couch, I don’t eat on the bleachers, I don’t eat at the movie theatre. I eat at my kitchen table or at a restaurant. Those are my cues. That is literally hundreds of food choices a day I have eliminated with that simple rule.

4. How can the brain be rewired if it is set up for food addiction?

Flour and sugar are the culprits causing changes in the brain that block weight loss. Consuming them rewires the brain to ensure that we will continue eating more and more of both. In other words, they are highly addictive and as harmful to the brain as cocaine and other powdered drugs

As with any addiction, the only sustainable solution is to detox. Completely. Eliminate both from the diet altogether.

It’s also important to have regular meals, as mentioned above, and to eat the right quantities. Most adults no longer receive reliable signals from their brains to stop eating when they’ve had enough. Eating right-sized portions will revive those signals over time and help the pounds melt off. But it’s important to note that “right-sized” does not mean small. It’s important to fill the stomach at every meal so that the body does not start to slow the metabolism.

Finally, consistency is of the essence. Like a drug rehab program, make these “Bright Lines” non-negotiable. Doing so will take the burden off willpower, make good choices automatic, and remove the ambiguity that leads people to fall back into old habits.

5. On special occasions, should people ‘save it all up’ for that one big meal of the day (such as Thanksgiving dinner, or a wedding feast), or does having a big breakfast that morning actually make you eat less?

My experience from helping over 4,000 people lose upward of 133,000 pounds and from my own weight loss journey, has shown that eating regular meals is one the best tools for avoiding overeating. “Saving it all up” for a single meal means skimping on meals beforehand and then overeating, which is pretty much the polar opposite of a regular meal schedule. That’s why I advise having a normal breakfast AND — if your special meal is scheduled for a time between the usual lunch and dinner hours — to have your usual lunch as well. Doing so prevents you from showing up for that special meal starving and primed to consume far too much. Remember, you can savor the flavor without overdoing on the quantities.

6. What makes this so difficult for people to break a habit, even when they know their habit (like smoking, eating fast food etc.) is killing them?

Habits that trigger dopamine release in the brain–smoking, eating sugar, watching porn–are addictive. If they’ve been engaged in to the point where they are hard to stop it means that at some point that habit triggered a dopamine flood that was stronger than the brain could handle. Over a few weeks it responded by taking some of its pleasure receptors offline to cope with the onslaught. Once that happens the brain requires more stimulation to get the same dopamine response. And soon one is stuck in a cycle of drinking caffeine–or smoking cigarettes–or eating sugar–just to feel normal. Just to get back to that baseline. It’s a vicious cycle. One that can only be broken by stopping that habit cold, and giving the brain a minimum of six months for those receptors to replenish in the brain.

7. How long really does it take to form a habit (I have read as few as 15 days and up to 250 days!)?

66 days on average. Meaning it might take three months, have patience. It’s so worth it.

by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson


Thank you to Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson for these awesome questions and answers!!  If you’d like to sample the power of Bright Lines Eating- which I highly recommend if you’re sick of bingeing and yo yo dieting- check out the 14 Day Bright Line Eating Challenge and you’ll not only receive 2 whole weeks of the BLE program, but also a copy of the Bright Lines Eating book that is just being released for the first time, NOW!

I’ve lost over 35 lbs using the Bright Lines Eating system– the first 30 lbs took about 6 months and I’ve lost about 5 lbs in the second 6 month period.  I’ve been eating happily, deliciously and binge-free for almost a year.  I LOVE this way of eating and plan on eating this way for the rest of my life!  I don’t think I’ve ever said that about any eating plan out there!  (And I haven’t been perfect the whole time!  But when I veered of the path of happiness, I quickly bounced back and came back to the sanity and peace of my Bright Lines feeling so much better, happier and free!!!)

michelle white hart

Taken a month BEFORE I started Bright Lines Eating


Taken about 8 months AFTER starting Bright Lines Eating- 35 lbs lighter!

Happy Sacred Feminine ‘V’ Day!

 I’m not done with “V” Day!  Are you?

I think “V” Day is an important day to honor the Sacred Feminine part of our body, wouldn’t you say?  And that we should honor “Her”, in some way, EVERY day!

In archeology, the letter V represents the pubic triangle of the Goddess and is one of the most ancient and powerful symbols!

Fem-power, all the way, eh?

Some of the earliest artwork of pubic triangles can be seen in the Paleolithic, Chauvet Cave, in France.

This cave painting, one of many,  dates back to 32,000 BC (!!!)  (Yup! The Goddess, Yoni Power was all the rage for 20,000 + years!!!)

On the right side of this image you can see a prominent, black pubic triangle.

It is the center focal point of a trinity image- merged with a bison/shaman figure to the right and a lion to the left.

This image is magical and shamanistic. 
If you look at the closeup, the two legs and the pubic triangle clearly depict a woman’s hips and legs.  If you look at the wider image, you notice how one of the legs belongs to the lion and the other belongs to the Bison/shaman.

This blending of realities exudes the ancient shamanistic perspective, like that of the Kalahari Bushmen, who do not have distinct divisions between animal, human, and spirit worlds.

They believe that animals and super beings are human in another state.

In their shamanistic rituals, they dance and enter altered states to communicate directly with super beings and animals.

I feel we can learn from their practices and  their gorgeous ancient artwork.

Since activating my Sacred Feminine Power, my relationship to dance and the Goddess have transformed and deepened.

The Goddess has downloaded a new modality to me, called, Yoni Sacred Movement- designed to activate your Sacred Feminine Power so that you can express yourself sacredly online and share your message potently and confidently.

I am really excited to share Yoni Sacred Movement with more women as it has an immediate, empowering impact on each woman who experiences it.  Women feel more connected to their power, their confidence and what they truly want.

If you’re in LA, you’re in luck!  For a limited time, I am teaching Yoni Sacred Movement, live in Los Angeles – during this pioneering, development phase!– and you are invited to join me this Thursday: 7-8:30 pm You can learn more here.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  • Activate & Embody your Sacred Feminine Power
  • Overcome your fear of being seen
  • Boost your confidence
  • Fully Express Your Authentic Voice Creatively

If you have any questions about all this Yoni Sacred Movement, Sacred Feminine stuff, the program etc.. please reach out to me!  I really want to hear how this is impacting you. It’s a lot to take in. I know!

I decided not to pussy-foot around and dive in and share the whole kit and kaboodle with you!

The Goddess doesn’t always work in a seamless, spit-polished way.  Look at that rough pubic triangle!  It’s kind of messy and raw and not about being neat and tidy!  Right?

So please hang in there with me on this new and primal journey!  It will open up and unleash new pathways of wisdom and energy and power within you.

And if this really doesn’t speak to you at all, I get it.  Timing is everything!

PS  If you have any questions or challenges about Yoni Sacred Movement or the Sacred Feminine Video Program,  send me a note and lets chat!


Snagworthy Visibility Lessons from #Pinkpussyhat Project

Like I said previously, “the March ain’t over, baby!”  Right???

Here’s what I learned from a very informative article: “What entrepreneurs can learn from the founders of the Pink Pussyhat Project!”  (Gotta love Buzzsumo!!)

1. How did the Women’s March get started ?  One woman + Facebook

First off, did you know the Women’s March was created by one woman’s Facebook invite?

Theresa Shook, known online as  “Maui Cooper Slim,”  in her frustration with the election results, invited 40 of her friends to march together in Washington.

The next morning 10,000 names had joined the group and 10,000 wanted to come.  And the rest is herstory!

The power of transforming your frustration into fuel for action:

 Frustration + Facebook Invitation + Call to Action: to Gather Together = Massive Visibility + a MOVEMENT! 


Enough said!  You don’t have to attract thousands of women or create a movement to use this tactic to spread your message!

2. “How can a person who can’t be somewhere still be present and have visibility?”

Jayna Zweiman, one of the founders of the Pussyhat project, asked her co-founder, Krista Suh this question.  She was recovering from an injury and couldn’t attend the March but really wanted to be there.

The duo felt a fun, fashion statement that was easy, low cost and doable for all women would be the easiest way to involve the largest amount of women and have the biggest visible impact.

And, hence, the Pink Pussyhat Project was born!!

Well done, ladies!  Mission accomplished!

And guess what?  It still continues to work!!  The day after the March, I was hiking with a friend, wearing my pink pussy hat- it was actually cold out, here in LA!  

This burly mountain biker rode past us and flashing us a big smile, he said, “Nice hat!”  And I instantly felt we were connected with the Pussy Reclamation Movement– post March! 

It gave me a jolt of community and optimism that we can continue the momentum of the March- using this powerful visual symbol- super simple, but it stands out and connects you instantly with sister and fellow supporters!

Now, for coaches and healers, who don’t have a simple product, ask yourself this question:

 “How can I be visible with the biggest amount of impact, with the least amount of effort?”

Let me give you a hint:  be visible in a way that is FUN for YOU!  Because if it’s FUN for you- guess what?  It means you’re turned on!  You’re jazzed.  You’re pumped- naturally!  So you have energy and passion already working for you.

If wearing a pink pussyhat and talking about what it means to you is FUN for YOU then DO that, and you are being visible!

It’s sure working for me!!

It doesn’t have to be pink pussyhats for you!  It can be anything that gets you excited and zingy!!  Do you know what that is?  Is it raw chocolate?  Is it ziplining?  It can be anything- as long as it lights your fire!  And then tie it back to your business if possible…

…Or not!

Your turn on, alone, on is magnetic!  It’s generous!  It’s enough!  Your tribe will LOVE you and feel CONNECTED to you if you share with them what lights you up!  That’s what matters the most– not how many people you reach or which platform you choose (email, video, speaking, social media etc…)

3. Choose a niched social media platform if possible!

Being part of the cozy, women’s crafting community, Zweiman and Suh capitalized on Ravelry, an online knitting & crochet community of more than 4 million fans!

“Ravelry is the Facebook for knitters,” says Zweiman.  The community got excited by the pussyhat pattern and the cause and started the ball (of yarn) rolling! (I couldn’t help myself!)

It’s all about niche!  The pussyhat idea came out of a clearly defined female niche of women’s crafts.  Coupling that with a crafting social media community was a stroke of genius!

It’s not always possible to find comparable niched online communities for your services, but it firmly plants the concept for you to be open to such possibilities.  Let the concept simmer and see what ideas pop up!

4. Seize the moment!

They chose to launch the Pussyhat Project around Thanksgiving to capitalize on family time and give enough time before the March.

In this case, for coaches and healers, do it when you’re excited- NOW!  Don’t let the moment pass you by.  If it is calling you.  If you can’t stop thinking about it.  If you are talking about it to everyone– you’re already in motion!

Take your visibility one notch further, and share with your tribe via email, speaking at a meetup, video, Facebook– don’t keep it on lockdown to yourself.  Let your tribe know what is jazzing you up!

5. Keep it simple.  Keep it accessible.

The pussyhats are simple and doable– so it was easy to engage many, many women.

Is your message simple?  Is it easy to understand?  This is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  But the more you talk about it, the clearer it gets.  So even if you don’t have it all figured out, getting in action and talking about it or writing about it will help you get clearer and more streamlined.

I would love to hear what you’re snagging from these #pinkpussyhat visibility lessons? What jazzes you? What are you gabbing about to your pals, these days?  Will you share in the comments below?  That’s a step in being visible!!  I’d love to know!

To your #pinkpussyhat visibility and beyond!!




8 Reasons why I LOVE my #pinkpussyhat!!!

Somehow I lost my Facebook Live so I’m reposting it !! “8 reasons why I love 💕 my #pinkpussyhat 🐯!!”

Posted by Michelle White Hart on Monday, January 23, 2017

I couldn’t resist and share my LOVE of my #pinkpussyhat!!

How bout you?

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.28.57 AMDon’t you LOVE that there were thousands of #pinkpussyhats at Women’s Marches all over the country on Saturday?!!

I have so much to say!  Check out the video and share with me in the comments what you love about #pinkpussyhats!!!

I want to hear it!  It’s too much fun and guess what?  The March isn’t over!!

Lets keep the March alive!

To your #pinkpussyhat visibility!!


what a coyote taught me about video

I’ve been mucking about lately, and wanting a deeper connection to my work- as if something was missing.

I’ve been exploring and researching all kinds of things, like being highly sensitive, pleasure and doing business in a new paradigm to name a few.  It’s been really interesting but I’ve been feeling like I am all over the place and not fully landed- i.e. in my head and not in my body!

It hasn’t been the most pleasant feeling and it’s probably why I haven’t made many videos lately.  I’ve interviewed other coaches on Facebook live, but have hardly shot any ‘regular’ videos.

Then as I was making room on my phone, I came across a video I had shot over 2 years ago!  I really liked it and realized that I’ve been on track all along!  However, somewhere along the road, I had started feeling like my message of being embodied on video wasn’t good enough and that I needed to include other things.

This video made me realize that I don’t need to add more things, I actually need to dig deeper- no wonder I was running all over the place.  Digging deeper always brings up discomfort and makes me want to run for the hills! Do you relate?

Well, this coyote is still teaching me lessons!  Thank you, dear one!

So without further ado, click here to find out what a coyote taught me about embodied presence on video!

I believe it’s our greatest challenge to stay connected to ourselves and be in our bodies.  This is where we have access to our true power- yet it means feeling all the places where we feel disconnected from our power!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn to go inside and resource your power so that you can share it on video and impact many lives!

I look forward to delving deeper into this subject- because it’s important!

To your embodied and empowered Visibility!!

Get Your Video Groove Back!

Video sucks when you think you ‘should’ be making them. Right?

Just because video hugely accelerates your ability to reach more people and get more clients… doesn’t necessarily make it FUN….

And if it’s not FUN…. you’re probably not going to do it. Right?

I don’t blame you!!

Even I need inspiration to keep having fun with video! Sometimes it can feel lonely, a chore, and a drag…. Yuchh! Right?

What if you could make videos:

  • from a place of inspiration? juicy desire rather than ‘should’?
  • by being YOU- in your whole body– rather than disconnected- from the neck up?
  • at least 1 per week- in the safety and coziness of a private group?

That would definitely make it more FUN- wouldn’t you say?

And what if you got:

  • laser coaching to keep you on track and in momentum?
  • a fun dance lab to get you in your body and build connection on camera?
  • accountability and communal cheerleading from a small, dedicated tribe of high frequency/ introverted/ highly-sensitive / unconventional/ transformational peeps just like you?

That would make it not only FUN but quite possibly, dare I say…. EXCITING?!! I think so, too!!

And what do you think might happen?  You might:

  • start feeling like it’s FUN and EASY to share your wisdom to a wider audience?
  • get clients easily from Facebook and beyond?
  • Get speaking opportunities?

Yup!! Yup!! and Yuuuuuuuup!!!!!!!!

That’s why I am beta-testing this FUN, Video Experience :

“Get your Video 🎥 Groove Back! So you can Attract Clients Who Love you!!”

I’m NOT going to:

  • shove a bunch of info down your throat and expect you to instantly put it all into action!
  • overload your head with pdfs and workbooks and more things to read or listen to
  • make you feel like a failure because you’re overwhelmed and not implementing what you’re learning

Instead, I intend to:

  • CATALYZE you into Video get-up-and-DO!
  • give you bite-sized, simple action steps as I laser coach each person
  • teach you to harness your whole body and be fully engaged on each zoom call through guided embodied dance!
  • give you a LIVE PRACTICE LAB  DURING each ZOOM CALL to access this whole body connection and make a super engaging video!
  • laser coach and address any challenges that come up directly from making the video!

WOW!!! Right?

You’ll also receive my:
-Super Basic Video equipment list
-Video on how to shoot and edit on the iPhone
– Video Script Template
“How to unleash your authentic energy on video” Movement Training Video series

Just the basics to get you up and running for our first meeting!

We’ll meet once a week for 1 hour on ZOOM- short and sweet and packed with ACTION!

Tuesday, Sept. 13 11am-12 PT
Tuesday, Sept. 20 11am-12 PT
Tuesday, Sept. 27 11am-12 PT

We’re not going over time- that’s a promise!  The magic happens all in the magical cauldron of 1 hour!

Is this not a video dream come true???

Well it gets better! Since “Get Your Video 🎥 Groove Back! So you Attract Clients Who Love you!!” is a bomb 💣 beta-test! 💥 I’m going to offer this 3 week Video 🎥 Experience, valued at ….

what’s it worth to you to learn by doing and make at least 3 videos in 3 weeks??

Priceless, right?  Well it normally goes for $397…

well get this, I’m offering it for only:

  • There is only room for the first 20 people who register!  First come first served!
  • You can email me any questions:  michelle @ michellewhitehart .com
  • You can dive in and send $97. via paypal to the email above
  • You can email me and ask me for a paypal invoice
  • or call me up with your credit card info! 310-795-2408

Lets make this happen easily 🙂 !!

Video should be FUN and EXCScreen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.30.43 PMITING, right???!!!

This is for you if you:

  • made some videos but just can’t muster the gumption to keep making them
  • are freaked with making videos and need some safe, cozy communal support
  • hate having to do ‘hard stuff’ all alone
  • are tired of feeling stiff and Stepford wife-ish on video
  • you really want to be using video to leverage your time!

I’m so looking forward to playing with you in this VERY EXPERIENTIAL, EMBODIED, CREATIVE, CONNECTED, ACCELERATED LEARNING and IMPLEMENTATION environment!!

We start in 8 days!! Are you ready???

Cheering you on in Getting your Video Groove BacK!— the easy and FUN way!!!

Can’t wait to see who jumps in and plays with me!! While getting A LOT of video shizzle done!!!

Whoo to the Hooooo!


WARNING*** This is a crazy opportunity that could change your life! Dive in if you feel excited!!  NOT because you think you ‘should’!!!


3 Reasons Why Creativity Helps build your business like Crazy!

I had a blast interviewing Minette Riordan on Facebook Live about “3 Reasons Why Including Creativity Helps Build Your Business Like Crazy”!!  Minette is a Business Coach for Creatives and she is an accomplished artist herself.  Check out the interview above!

I hope this encourages you to include more of your creativity in your business!  There are so many ways to do that!

How are you already including creativity in your business?

These are some of the ways I’m including my creativity:

  • writing: emails/blogging/copy for my site & sales copy- a lot of idea weaving and integrating and finding the best words that fit
  • making videos: choosing the location, clothing, content, sometimes editing, sometimes making creative videos where I’m rapping, or dancing, or making art!
  • painting: my own background for videos,  or using different fabrics
  • dancing: in some of my videos, with my clients, in my group programs
  • clothing: creating some of my clothes (with experienced help! stay tuned for an upcoming video about this!);  shopping for clothes that truly express me (it helps to have support from a stylist on this! I’ve got a video about this too, coming!)
  • photos & graphics: I love using Instagram and pic monkey to create marketing graphics as well as touching up selfies- to show what I”m doing in a fun way, and making groovy thumbnails for some of my Youtube videos!
  • collaborating with my colleagues to create interesting fun interviews like this on Facebook live!  is also a great creative outlet for me!
  • working with my clients and brainstorming ideas for their businesses and videos
  • I use color markers and pens to create cue cards for my Facebook Lives!
  • I like to doodle A LOT!  just to relax and have fun and that lets my mind rest and allows new creative ideas to come in!

How about you?

Creativity is both FUN (reason #1!) and satisfying to your soul!  And it lets you express more of who you are which makes you stand out even more and helps attract your soulmate clients who are drawn to YOUR energy.

I invite you to share  YOUR favorite ways you are including your creativity in your business in the comments below!   Lets learn from each other to stimulate each other’s creativity!


Top 5 ways to make videos that engage & fascinate your clients!

It’s one thing to make a video, it’s another thing to have people watch it and engage with you. Here are 5 ways to make videos that engage and fascinate your clients!

1. “Product Review” or “Product How-to” video. This is a fun, easy way to get a lot of video views on Youtube and Facebook by mentioning the brand name in the title. Make it for a product relevant to your business. For example, I made a ‘product how to video” that actually mentioned 2 products: “How to Shoot & Edit Video on the iPhone with iMovie app!”

So, I attracted viewers who were looking to learn the iMovie app for editing and those who wanted to learn how to make a video using their iPhone. I wasn’t trying to get a lot of views since this was a video designed for my tribe, but this video is my highest viewed video with over 33,500 views! And the numbers keep growing.

This is the video that got me an opportunity to speak on a webinar with over 1750 live participants a few weeks ago! I’ve gotten a ton of comments as well with people asking questions. Product How To videos let you stand out as the expert about products people are wanting to learn about.
Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.44.54 PM2. Share Vulnerably. Vulnerability, authenticity, being honest, real, unrehearsed, non-hypey, present in the moment builds know like trust like nobody’s business!! It may not get you the most views but it will get you a lot of private messages, comments, appreciation for your courage and attracts loyal soul-mate clients. It will leave a greater impact than high production value, content, SEO/keywords etc.. if you are a transformational-preneur especially.  And many ‘big’ coaches have gotten the most views from their most spontaneous, raw, simple, vulnerable videos.

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3. Share a slice of your life/ behind the scenes video.
This is not about sharing content! This is about sharing a snippet of your life outside of your business, so your tribe gets to know a little about you that they would never know if it was just about business. People love to know how ‘movie stars’ live. Your tribe wants to know little details about your life! Do you like skateboarding? Dancing? Eating in fancy restaurants? Going to farmer’s markets? The occasional anti-biz-video is a real treat for your tribe- and it’ll have them more engaged because it’s you sharing generously of your less public self and more of your private side.

4. Share your passion. People will feel it and be inspired and excited. Share what makes you excited– whether it’s about your business or about something you learned that you think others can benefit from. Something you are passionate about health wise, in the news, environmentally. When you are inspired, people are magnetized to you! I have to say an edge for me is to share about my interest in ETs!!! But I will do it, mark my words!! And that should really get people talkin’!!

5. Speak from your WHOLE body, not just your head! People tune you out if you’re all in your head, because they can’t feel you! Communication is 70-90% non-verbal, depending on who’s talking! So, your words are less important than your body language, your energy, your frequency, you excitement etc… You will transmit your message when you are speaking from your heart/your whole body. It allows you to connect to yourself and your viewers and they will feel related to, connected with much moreso than if you are more interested in doing it RIGHT, or looking GOOD etc…

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Wishing you a soul-fulfilling, no-holding yourself back, fully expressed day,

To your Highly Engaging Visibility and Success!!